Mail trimis in cooperativa, finca azi ne tinem ziua de nascare la firma vreo 6 scorpioni aprigi:

Subject: Happy Birthday to us!

Dear colleagues,

Those of you who were kind enough to give money for our birthdays are invited upstairs to join us for some delicious goodies.

(Just kidding)

Everybody is invited upstairs today, November 22, 2007, 16:30, or else!!!! This is not a drill!!! We have a bunch of intruders (wine, beer, juice, cakes, pistachios, snacks, free air and cost-effective mineral water) that need to be annihilated! The victory must be ours! WE SHALL PREPAY!!!!

Semnat: Groparele.

Urmarea mailului, pe mes:

Nârţoagă zis Pârţoagă: parca-parca incep sa-mi aduc aminte de Groparu ala de il stiam io.
Groparele: apai prefer sa fiu genial in fiecare noapte decat in fiecare zi!
Nârţoagă zis Pârţoagă: da’ macar acolo iti mai iese?
Groparele: nu, numa-mi intra!

Written by Groparu Nemernic

Nascut din spermatozoizi campioni... cred.

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  1. Groparu Reply

    @ .marius: upstairs, just like wireless, is fun!

    @ Lupulainu: mah, adevaru ca atata de cald si de bine ii inauntru, ca mai ca nu-mi mai vine sa ies vreodata!!!

    @ Miruna: suntem romani, singuru meu regret e ca nu avem o tzava sa o târâm prin întreprindere…

    @ Călă: u cowardly dog, it’s not about humping LEGS!!! it’s about humping BETWEEN THE LEGS!!! (what do they teach you in those schools, I wonder!)

    @ Noi, Miruna: this kinda reminds me of the time I used to be a… uhm… blogger?!?!

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