Cand esti la un fir de par de a juca şah cu Teoctist

Mail primit azi-dimineatza de la Ayesha Kadir, prekina mea musulmanca americanca super-cumsecade:

dearest family and friends,

thanks for all of your calls and messages. i just wanted to let everyone know that i am fine. i was not driving over the bridge that collapsed today, although i had a bit of a shock, as i was supposed to be crossing it at the time it collapsed. because of the construction, i chose to go a different route at the last minute… it brings one’s own mortality into sharp view. thankfully i’m quite well. i hope and pray that this finds all of you well, too.

Concluzia Groparnicului: profitati, mai copii, de viatza, ca vremea p*lii trece!!! Sh-intr-o buna zi, v-oi zice cum era sa kiara Groparu’ in drum spre Budapesta, sh ce ganduri l-au incercat ulterior, sh ce pohta de viatza il tot kinuie d-atunci, ca de-atunci in viatza mea nu am mai intalnit o bere care sa nu sfarseasca la mine in vintre!

5 lovituri, dă-i și tu!