A fost odata o domnisoara. Care domnisoara avea blog. Care domnisoara avea si prieteni care stie engleza. Care domnisoara stia si ea engleza, la un nivel decent, de alfel. Care domnisoara avea si vreo 16 milieoane ROL in poseta si o camera digitala, nu pentru placeri digitale, ci pentru facut poze digitale, aflata intr-o poseta analoaga dintr-o camera cu 4 paretzi, la fel de analoaga.

Intr-o buna zi pe cand dormea au napadit-o hotii. Nu, nu guvernantii, hotii de buzunare. Sau de apartamente. Sau de camere din camere. Si i-au furat tot ce au putut. Daca i-au facut mai mult decat atat, asta decide-ti dv.s din blogu-l dse-i.

PS: for reference only,

– rub = 1.a. To subject to the action of something that moves back and forth with friction and pressure. b. To cause to move along a surface with friction and pressure, adeca – a freca;

– rob = 1. Law. To take property from (a person or persons) illegally by using or threatening to use violence or force; commit robbery upon. 2. To take valuable or desired articles unlawfully from: rob a bank, adeca a fura.

Written by Groparu Nemernic

Nascut din spermatozoizi campioni... cred.

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  1. Fascista Reply

    Cine e far’ de pacat sa arunce prima piatra. Uite ma ca pot cita/ parafraza din Biblie! Who knew I was a Bible thumper?
    N-o sper ca n-u ma-m facut de rusine cu cum a-m scris? Me count on you to tell if so! 🙂
    Picky, picky, picky!

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