Iar le-am facut poezea în engleză

La coleji.

Dearest colleagues, partners, friends,
May you fix what needs a mend!
In the year that comes real’ soon
May the radios play your tune,

May good health shine down on you
And be rich like Rockefeller, too,
May you all be happy, see,
And take time for cups of tea,

Do enjoy a good vacation,
Be the luckiest in the nation,
May you laugh from all your heart
And be merry, and be smart;

May you sail on calmer seas
And be blessèd when you sneeze,
May you find the roads un-jammed
Your successes nicely planned,

May you never be in want
May you be forever smart
May your health increase tenfold
Never ever feel too old!

Best of wishes, BLS,
Let this year be splendor in the grass!

18 lovituri, dă-i și tu!