Ce am patit azi-noapte!!! :O

violetgre013: hey..u there?
Groparu: me,… here?
Groparu: ooh hey
Groparu: ‘ssuup
violetgre013: well I just saw your name on the yjhoo directory and your profile seemed interesting lol
Groparu: lol
Groparu: so we don’t know each other
violetgre013: what are you up to? lol
Groparu: just about to go to bed
Groparu: it’s early Monday morning
violetgre013: niice well I work from home just starting doing these cam shows  It’s pretty fun actually lol
violetgre013: I am a little busy right now cant really talk here, but if you want I would LOVE if you came to watch my show, give me some company, and maybe a GOOD rating ???
Groparu: sorry, not interested
Groparu: 🙂
violetgre013: suit yourself…  ur prob a virgin anyways…  peace!
Groparu: indeed
Groparu: good luck, best wishes
violetgre013: This way you can see what I look like and we can chat while I work, I promise you wont be dissapointed..I must warn you though, I am not wearing much..
violetgre013: well I think i have my free friend’s pass lyin here one sec babe.. I mean would you want it??

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